Weekly Update

How did my portfolio perform and what have happened?

My portfolio did not beat the market this week, was beaten by far. However it has been a good week nonetheless. My long term goal is still to invest for the dividends over decades. And for that matter, the portfolio is doing perfectly fine, no matter if it goes up or down. No dividends for this week however, so a rather boring week if you look at it like that. 

NOLCO Inc: -0.67%
S&P 500: +1.52%

Like I have said many times before, do not think too much about the short term, but rather on building passive income for the long term. Though it is fun to see your portfolio beat the market, but it should not be the goal for every week. Unless you are a trader, then of course that is your goal. But if you are a long term investor, your main focus should be on the long term and how to build a bulletproof portfolio for decades into the future. 

Lately I have acquired a great app for managing a dividend calendar. The app is called DivTracker, and it lets you put in all your stocks and then you can extract that dividend calendar to your own calendar on your phone. It absolutely makes life easier with tracking your dividends every month, and it also shows you the news for every company as well. 

This makes it tremendously easy for me who currently has a list of 224 companies on my watchlist. Having this dividend calendar on your phone, computer or tablet, makes having this many companies in your portfolio rather easy, or at least easier. 

I have also sent in a list to Trading212 with a bunch of companies from that list, that was not available on the platform. Along with that, I even made an asian dividend aristocrat list that I also sent in to them, so soon I might be able to buy asian stocks again for my portfolio. 


My Week

  • Been using FinBox very much lately, the reason being to find undervalued dividend stock that matches my requirements. The great thing about this site, is that it actually shows you all the numbers and financials on every single company out there, it’s great for those of you who wants to look at balance sheets, margins and what not. Another absolute stunning feature is that you are able to see intrinsic value estimates from both FinBox and analysts as well, so you can see if there is a potential upside or downside & and FinBox shows you the calculation for it. A great tool to help me not spend as much time as I usually did before on finding undervalued dividend growth stocks.

    Another great thing with this app/website, is that it lets me sort out all the 224 different companies based on who is the most undervalued and not. This makes my investing so much easier. Especially since I am never buying unless the companies are actually trading with a potential upside. 
  • Some companies I have been looking at closely lately was Magellan Midstream Partners L.P. (Ticker:MMP), Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (Ticker:EPD), and I ended up buying both for this month. They are both heavily undervalued now because of the oil crash in this pandemic. Another great thing about these companies, is that their share price has taken a hit, however their earnings and revenue remain very resilient in this pandemic. Both are currently looking like they will beat the estimates at the end of the year, imagine that in a horrible pandemic like this. 
  • I went with using Diib to track the website, simply because of the elegancy that the site provides and also because of the oppurtunities it gives me with the charts, numbers, and the overall tracking performance. Tracking a website is important to understand how your readers are doing, how long they are staying & if they are coming back. All these things are extremely valuable tools for someone who is having a blog & wants to keep growing their audience, therefore Diib is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to track this and see how their website is doing.
  • Besides doing some research, I went back to my hometown to visit my parents & help one of my best friends with moving in to his new apartment along with celebrating it as well. Besides that I have not done much, my days are pretty much the same, I am looking at stocks every single day, making adjustments to my search & tracking my website. 

    I am also getting better at making food. I am still horrible however, but it is getting better and better for each day. Next week is gonna be rather hectic however, I am going back to the army again, and gonna serve my last two weeks of duty and then I am finally done. I actually have mixed feelings about it, I hate the fact that I was not able to fulfil my military dream, but at the same time I had an amazing time with wonderful people. I have to admit that it has been ups and downs, especially in the relationship, my girlfriend hated the fact that I was gonna serve. It meant being away for longer period of time, however we adjusted along the way and even though she still hate it, it got better over time. 

This week’s stock

Instead of doing potential next buys as I did with the last weekly report, I thought I would instead give you my stock of the week. It can be a stock I own myself, or a stock I am looking at. Right now the requirements for becoming a «stock of the week» is that the company must be undervalued, the company must be paying a growing dividend & and have done this for some time & the company must have a positive EPS.

The stock I have chosen this week is: McGrath RentCorp (Ticker:MGRC)

The reason being that McGrath RentCorp have paid out a growing dividend for the last 28 years. Their payout ratio is at 37.14% & they even increased their EPS for Q2 with +131.9% from Q2 in 2019. The revenue also increased with +21.3% YoY in Q2 2020 from the same time last year. FinBox has calculated that there is a potential upside from todays price ($58.49) at +18.6%, making the company’s intrinsic value at $69.35. However, three analysts have covered this stock and the average of those three targets have come to an intrinsic value of $76.67. I like to go with the lowest target, so that my hopes are not too big, and if the stock ends up beating that one, I end up having a positive surprise.

Keep in mind, I do not own this stock myself. However I do plan on adding it to my portfolio with the upcoming salary. The stock looks great, and the financials seems to be in order.

My Focus 

I have been focusing a lot on finding my next stock to add to the portfolio, FinBox has really helped me out here. With all the numbers you get access to, it makes investing a lot more easier and stress free. Finding undervalued stocks in this market & in these times have been both easy and hard, because of my requirements it has been rather difficult, but yet manageable.

Another great thing that have made my life so much easier recently is HypeFury. The website is letting you schedule your tweets for whenever you want to post them, and can even schedule threads for you as well. Another great thing about the website is that it can retweet your tweets, so that you can get more impressions and get more people to interact. This is so handy, especially if you have an audience that lives in different time zones. The website also provides something called «Evergreen Posts», which lets you mark your best tweets so that they can be tweeted for you if you are away from Twitter and no new content is scheduled. That is such a great feature, that means your Twitter account will still get those posts and content out, even though you are away.

Something to think about

You are in it for the long run, so do not feel sorry or care much about the short term results. The stockmarket goes up and down, but in the end you will see it actually moves slowly upwards all the time with some minor setbacks now and then. 


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